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Archival Tune: Another “Little” Jack MacDonald

2014 Feb

For the second archival tune of the month, we’ll keep focusing on “Little” Jack MacDonald, this time exploring his playing style in more depth. Donaldson MacLeod quotes “Little” Jack MacDonald expert Bernie MacNeil of Michigan as saying that MacDonald’s “first and greatest love was Highland Music and it was in this traditional art his playing […]

Archival Tune: Little Jack MacDonald

2014 Jan

What better way to start the Archival Tune of the Month series than with a “Little” Jack MacDonald recording? This one was recorded on August 9th, 1957 at the home of Walter MacCuaig with Viola MacCuaig (of Dalhousie) providing accompaniment on the piano. “Little” Jack MacDonald plays a set of the following three tunes: Johnny […]