Rob Taylor

2004 Jun

Rob-TaylorBorn at Burnt Head, Cupids, in Newfoundland, Rob grew up in outport towns where he was influenced by Irish accordion and Newfoundland music, but mostly by the Scottish accordion of the late Sir Jimmy Shand from whom he received recognition in 1998.

After teaching mathematics for two years in Newfoundland, Rob joined the regular armed forces and taught at the Radar and Communications School in Clinton, Ontario. In 1968, he joined St. Lawrence College as a mathematics professor and discovered the wealth of Scottish music and culture of Glengarry. He went on to obtain his Masters and Doctorate degrees through part-time studies and entered the musical scene by playing the accordion with Sylvester and the Clansmen.

Rob-Taylor-CeilidhAround 1971, Rob formed The Brigadoons and with them became popular throughout Glengarry and the area. As the popularity of the band grew, Rob became a familiar personage to all who loved Scottish music. The Brigadoons began performing at highland games locally and throughout Ontario and were in great demand at other Scottish programs throughout the rest of Canada, the United States and in more recent years, annual Caribbean cruises.

Rob composed the music for The Burning of St. Raphael’s and recently produced some solo albums. He has helped many local musicians gain prominence and enjoys and encourages new young Celtic talent. He still plays with the Brigadoons, enjoys performing solo for seniors and fund-raising events, but he also loves spending time with his five grandchildren.


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  1. James Genge January 8, 2015 at 8:19 pm #

    Had met Rob Taylor last summer at Salvage and the Theater at Eastport., Nl. He knows me as Hod Sok, but real name is Jim Genge. Had thoroughly enjoyed his Scottish music. He is a master with his accordion, his genuine talent and his love for music. I had asked him to play a couple brief Scottish numbers, he did with zest and glee as he knew that I-too love this music and had known the names of many of the Scottish jigs and reels, I am honored to meet and converse with a man of his degree and talent.

  2. Don Higdon June 13, 2015 at 4:10 pm #

    I am a member of the Island Harbour seniors 50 plus club here in Hearts Delight -Islington . We have a musical variety show at the Parish Hall one Friday night per month. I have heard Mr Rob Taylor perform at the Goose Cove centre and really enjoyed it .Would Mr .Taylor be interested in entertaining us at our 50 plus coffee house on July 10 ? Thanks, Don Higdon .

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