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David MacPhee

2016 Jul

David MacPhee established himself as a fixture in our community when he began teaching Celtic fiddle and piano lessons to fourteen students at the Hall in 2005. His student base grew quickly as word spread of his affable and kind personality. There are few in David’s generation that are as committed to seeing the Celtic Music tradition continue as David is committed to the cause.

Finlay McDonell

2015 Jun

By reputation, conviction and action, Finlay McDonell has spent a lifetime supporting all of what Glengarry means to those lucky enough to live there. Born in Greenfield to John Archie and Flora, he was reared in a household where Celtic and Old Tyme music was a fixture. His father played the fiddle and chorded on […]

Frederick Leroux

2015 Jun

Born on May 6th, 1937 in Monkland to Wilfred and Angeline (Quesnel) Leroux. Fred’s early life influences included his mother’s stories about her father, Peter Quesnel who played the violin. Encouraged by his family, he played the fiddle by ear and only later did he take any only formal musical education, a violin class instructed […]