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Gerald McGillis

2014 Jul

Gerald McGillis began playing the fiddle on his 13th birthday and very quickly discovered his ability to learn any tune by ear after hearing it only a couple of times. Family folklore tells us that by the time his parents returned home from mass on that special day, Gerald could deliver a perfect rendition of “The […]

Anne & Ken McKenna

Anne & Kenneth McKenna

2009 Jun

Both musically talented, Ken played the pipes and Anne the piano. The McKennas moved to Glengarry County and immediately became involved in the community. In 1990, they began the Glengarry Gaelic Choir which required many hours of organizing and practicing. The Choir performed for over ten years, appearing at the Glengarry Highland Games and in […]

Norman, Duncan & Donald Angus

The Fletcher Family

2008 Jun

The Fletchers are recorded as living in Glengarry as early as 1822. They were associated with the performance and promotion of Celtic Music and its tradition in Glengarry from this time to well into the sixties when the last of the family members, Norman, left the family farm in Dunvegan. Beyond that, the descendants have […]