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Clara MacLeod

2005 Jun

Clara Olney MacLeod was born in Carievale, Saskatchewan on April 26, 1929. Her musical education began with piano lessons given by Mrs. Ericson at 25¢ each. Her mother, Lavinia, reinforced the lessons with supervision of a daily practice and a good crack on the fingers if the notes weren’t right. Clara’s family was very musical; […]

Viola MacCuaig

2005 Jun

Viola MacCuaig was born at Lorne, in Lochiel Township, the daughter of Norman B. MacRae and Mary Jane MacMillan. She started her musical journey by playing her mother’s pump organ. Because her legs were too short to reach the pedals, her sisters would take turns pumping while she played. Her parents recognized her musical talent […]

Mary Frances MacPhee

2004 Jun

Mary Frances McDonald was born to Dan Jim (Bahn) MacDonald and Catherine MacGillis of St. Raphael’s, Ontario, Canada on January 9th 1905. She was the baby in a family of nine having five brothers; Angus, Philip, James, Roderick & John, and three sisters; Catherine, Florrie Ann (Sister Mary St. Donald) and Ida. Mary Frances was […]