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Gerald McGillis

2014 Jul

Gerald McGillis began playing the fiddle on his 13th birthday and very quickly discovered his ability to learn any tune by ear after hearing it only a couple of times. Family folklore tells us that by the time his parents returned home from mass on that special day, Gerald could deliver a perfect rendition of “The […]

Donaldson MacLeod

2014 Jul

Dr. Donaldson MacLeod can certainly be described as a “Jack of all trades” when referring to our Celtic heritage in general and Glengarry Celtic heritage in particular. Fluent in three languages, English, French and Gaelic, Donaldson, an engineer by profession, is better known in Glengarry for his strong promotion of just about anything Scottish. It […]

Kathy Fraser-Collins

2014 Jul

Over the last fifty plus years, Kathy Fraser-Collins has significantly contributed to the Celtic music tradition of Glengarry as a teacher and a performer. Although she doesn’t remember learning to play the piano, she gave her first performance at five when she played at the Brodie School Christmas Concert. Kathy had no formal musical training […]

Anna Margaret McDonald

Anna Margaret MacDonald

2011 Jun

Anna Margaret MacDonald could be inducted into the Glengarry Celtic Music Hall of Fame in three categories: performer, composer and promoter. She was born in 1925 to Archibald and Catherine (Kate McCosham) McDonell. While growing up on the family farm near St. Telesphore, Quebec, she attended the local schools and is a graduate of Maryvale […]

Agnes MacDonald

Agnes MacDonald

2009 Jun

As a performer, a teacher and an accompanist, Agnes MacDonald earned a reputation as a supporter of the Celtic music tradition of Glengarry. “When Agnes was of tender school age, her aptitude for music was noted by the Sisters of the Holy Cross teachers.”* Her parents purchased a piano and encouraged her in her musical […]