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Anne & Ken McKenna

Anne & Kenneth McKenna

2009 Jun

Both musically talented, Ken played the pipes and Anne the piano. The McKennas moved to Glengarry County and immediately became involved in the community. In 1990, they began the Glengarry Gaelic Choir which required many hours of organizing and practicing. The Choir performed for over ten years, appearing at the Glengarry Highland Games and in […]

Howard Morris

2005 Jun

From a very early age, Howie Morris was part of the Morris Quartet; along with his brother, John, and sisters, Grace and Ida, they entertained in Highland costume at the first “St. Andrew’s Concert” staged in the Alexander Hall by Father Ewan MacDonald where they thrilled the partisan audience with their renditions of ”Scots Wha […]

Sylvester MacDonald

2004 Jun

Sylvester was born in Glen Norman in Glengarry County. He spent his early years there and one of his first endeavours was to operate a service station in Alexandria on the Armouries’ Hill close to the present high school. That was the beginning of his career as a garage operator and car salesman. In 1960, […]