Archival Tune: Annual Scotch Concert

Aug 15, 2014 | Archival Tune, Tune of the Month

This month the Archival Tunes are taken from an Annual Scotch Concert (the year and location are unspecified). The Concert featured performers such as the Alexandria School pupils singing, Donald MacLellan on the fiddle, Catherine-Olive Defreitas on the piano, “Little” Jack MacDonald on the fiddle, Mrs. MacCuaig on the piano, the Roy Sisters singing, Miss MacMillan on the accordion, the Ferguson Fiddlers, Miss MacDonald singing, Father MacPhail on the fiddle, Mrs McCaskill singing, Howard Morris singing and fiddling, Mrs. MacPhee on the piano, B. Villeneuve on the fiddle as well as step dancers.

The first tune is Miss MacMillan (accordion) playing Roaming in the Gloaming; the second features the Roy Sisters singing Coming Through the Rye (with Mrs. MacPhee on the piano); and, finally, Donald MacLellan on the fiddle playing Dr. Keith, Aberdeen and Carnie’s Canter (with Catherine-Olive Defreitas on the piano), both by J. Scott Skinner. Thanks once again to Paul Cranford of Cranford Publications for identifying those two last tunes.

This recording was part of the collection of reel-to-reel tapes donated by Sherrill Trottier and can be found on Large Reel 3, Side 1.

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Dr. Keith, Aberdeen_CarniesCanter

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