Glengarry My Home

Jul 1, 2012 | Tune of the Month

Happy Canada Day!!

This month’s tune was composed by inductee Ken MacRae.




Glengarry My Home Lyrics

In the hills of Glengarry my heart lingers still,
By the lakeside, the burnside, the sturdy stone mill;
In my dreams there I wander with friends of my own,
In that old Scottish county Glengarry My Home.

Through the woods and the wilds all the Highlanders came,
They brought fame to Glengarry and gave it the name.
And I cannot forget it wherever I roam,
‘Tis a Scot’s bit o’ heaven, Glengarry My Home

Through the heather blooms not where the Scotch River flows,
Still a love for the old land in every heart grows;
Don’t forget the old county wherever you roam,
For it’s proud you should be if Glengarry’s your home.

How I love the old county ‘tis heaven to see,
As I love the young lassie who’s waiting for me,
And I cannot forget it wherever I roam,
‘Tis a Scot’s bit o’ heaven, Glengarry My Home

It’s been two hundred years since the Highlanders’ song,
first rang through the woods on the winters nights long;
They sang of their hills and the life they had known,
Of their once happy days in their old Highland home.

They were stripped of their Gaelic, their tartan and song;
They had nothing but mem’ries which they passed along,
There’s no myth, there’s no wonder, just let it be known,
All their mem’ries still live in Glengarry My Home

When the end of life’s story comes closer to me,
By a bend in the river I’ll bide just a wee;
Be it hot day in summer or winter winds blow,
Have a piper play for me Glengarry My Home.

Wrap me ‘round in my tartan and my old sgian-dubh,
With my cromach in hand then I’ll bid you adieu,
Though it’s far I must travel, I’ll feel not alone,
Heaven’s filled with old friends from Glengarry My Home

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