Alexander (Sandy) and Christena Alice Watt

2020, Inductee

Alexander and Christina Watt were definitely a musical duo, he an accomplished fiddler and she, a piano music teacher. A cousin recalls that a parties could go on their house till the wee hours of the morning, visitors playing until time to go home for chores.

Both were born in Quebec, Alexander on May 9, 1871 in St. Louis de Gonzaque and she, then Christena Alice McKell was born February 14, 1873 in Riverfield. Before her marriage Christena taught music. After their marriage they lived and farmed in Howick, Quebec for several years before moving to Lancaster in 1903. It is said visitors would still come from Howich and would play for hours with nary a word spoken. The many Celtic fiddle tunes were serious business.

They established Maple Crest Farm in Lancaster and purchased purebred Ayrshire breeders. Their cattle were known far and wide.

After moving to Lancaster Christena was active in church and community and was the organist in St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church for many years. Sandy was an elder and a choir member. Music was such a big part of their lives.

The Watt home was a gathering place for young and old alike and their love of music was handed down to many. They played at many local gatherings as well as at the many ceilidhs they held at home. They were buried a few weeks apart at the old stone church, South Lancaster.

Inducted in 2022