Ashley MacLeod-McRae

2020, Inductee

First taught by her dad, Ian, when she was ten and later by Denis Lanctot, Ashley MacLeod-Mcrae’s youthful exuberance and love for the fiddle made her a master artist of our time. She and her dad have helped to reignite the interest in fiddle music in Glengarry.

Ashley captured many awards in Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes and at age fourteen was invited to play at the Canadian Grand Masters Fiddling Championships, an honour few attain. In 2003, she played with the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band. Playing with Hadrian’s Wall (which she continues to do) has taken her to Highland Games across North America. Her style and original compositions wowed audiences wherever she performed.

In 2003 Ashley was in New York City’s Carnegie Hall, playing with the Ottawa Police Services Pipe Band at their September 11th memorial. In 2004 she made a guest appearance on Country Music Television with the sensational country star, Johnny Reid.

Returning to Vancouver in 2005 at the invitation of the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band, they sought her expertise on the fiddle and keyboard for their then, upcoming release of “On Home Ground” Volume 1 and later on Volume 2 as well in 2006. This same year she opened for the original members of The Seven Nation Band called Clan Na Gael on their US tour.

The Brigadoons welcomed her playing with the group for sixteen years. She also played with The Two Paddys, Soltice, a Montreal group, The Paper Boys from Vancouver with whom she toured Europe and was front line for Torridon Scottish Country Dance Band in 2015. She also formed the fiddle ensemble, Scotch River Fiddlers, that same year. She has composed and written slow airs, marches, jigs, strathspeys and reels.

In the past twenty years Ashley has taught fiddle, piano and step dancing to many lucky students.

Extremely generous with her time and talents she has assisted with many recordings, workshops, fundraisers, benefits, concerts, and church events. In her own home, she created “Mini Music Makers”, a program for preschoolers, to instill in them the joys of fiddle.

This busy mother of four, along with her husband Chad, have taught Kenzie, Shelby, Glen Ian and Chancy the love of Celtic music. Two CDs have also been made of Ashley’s fiddle playing, some traditional, some of her own composition. She has also received her Bachelor of Education from Ottawa University in 2020 and enjoys full time supply teaching at Laggan Public School.

Glengarry and indeed many other places have been enriched by Ashley’s contribution to all things Celtic. She has accomplished so much in her young life and we look forward to her continued varied endeavours.

Inducted in 2022