Bill Vipond

2019, Inductee

Bill Vipond was raised on a farm in Summerstown front, Glengarry County where he began to sing in the Salem church choir. His love of music soon found him singing at weddings which he really enjoyed. Scottish and Irish music soon took over and with the influences of the Alexander Brothers, Andy Stewart and Kenneth McKellar. He started to do socials, concerts and parties. One of his personal highlights was performing at the opening of the Oshawa Highland Games. He was also very proud of being part of the highland dancing award night where he presented and performed for the dancers and their families to promote Scottish heritage.

In 1968, he formed the band called the Tartans and started to travel around Glengarry performing at Robbie Burns’ nights with the Old Time Fiddlers; he also performed at socials, weddings and parties. This was a busy time for him being a family man, policeman and beef farmer. The Tartans continued to play until his untimely death on May 12, 1976 when he drowned at the age of 34.

Inducted in 2019

Category:   Singers