Brian and Elizabeth Caddell

2024, Inductee

In 1993, Brian and Elizabeth Caddell came together from different Celtic backgrounds and since that time they have worked to perform and promote Celtic music. Elizabeth (nee MacDonald) is a local girl who grew up in Glengarry. She took piano lessons at a young age and with some encouragement and exposure from Don and Ann MacPhee, her passion for Celtic music was raised to new heights. After graduating from GDHS, she obtained a Bachelor of Music at Queen’s University. Brian’s father immigrated from Scotland, settled in Peterborough and became the drum major for the Peterborough GE Pipe Band. His Mother, orphaned at 4, was raised in a convent where Celtic music and Irish Dancing were essential subjects. As a child, Brian’s first trips to the Maxville Highland Games were with his family and the band. His parents were steeped in Celtic music and traditions which were a huge influence on Brian’s musical taste.

Brian and Elizabeth both taught at the same high school in Belleville and soon their interest in Celtic music brought them together and they formed the first edition of The Ceilidh Drovers, playing throughout the Belleville area.

After marriage the couple moved to Glengarry in 1999 and began to teach at Glengarry District High School. They took the annual St. Andrew’s Day Concerts at the school to another level, displaying the many talented dancers, singers and musicians among the students. They also formed a local version of the Ceilidh Drovers, a popular Celtic band in Glengarry. For many years they have performed at the Highland Games and numerous other Celtic events and fundraisers in Glengarry. Elizabeth is the organist at St. Finnan’s Basilica, at times accompanying local fiddlers during special church services. Brian and Elizabeth also perform as a duo at local events.

Photo of The Ceilidh Drovers band

In 2016, Brian and Elizabeth instituted Concerts at the Grotto in Alexandria to finance the restoration of the crumbling monument. This continues to draw huge crowds on Wednesday evenings in the summer where many Celtic groups play to a packed outdoor audience.

Last summer, at The Concerts at the Grotto series, eight out of nine bands had former students performing.

Brian and Elizabeth Caddell

The Caddells can be seen at the Glengarry Highland Games, The Williamstown Fair and all other Celtic events where they can enjoy and promote their passion. If they are not performing music they are there to enjoy the traditional Celtic music.

Brian and Elizabeth often host parties in their barn which provides the perfect setting for traditional Celtic music. Their dedication and relentless efforts to play and promote Celtic music are what makes them ideal candidates for the Glengarry Celtic Music Hall of Fame.

Inducted in 2024