Rene & Sherrill Trottier

2004, Inductee

This couple has been involved with music in Glengarry for many years. Rene grew up interested in music, but his interest increased when he began attending dances. He took one lesson on the fiddle, and in the mid 1950s he organized a small band known as the Glen Orchestra. They played at local dances, weddings and receptions.

Sherrill, too, was into music from an early age, no doubt because her parents, Martin and Olive Ferguson were very musically inclined. She sang at school, socials, etc., but her first love was the piano and she enjoyed accompanying her father who played the fiddle. Although she took lessons from Sr. Rose and completed Grade VIII piano and Grade 11 theory, she loved to play the Scottish tunes by ear. Married in 1963, Rene and Sherrill lived in Stittsville and kept their interest in music alive by organizing fiddle contests.

Edna MacMillan and Martin Ferguson playing fiddle with Sherrill Trottier on piano

Sherrill accompanying her father Martin and Edna MacMillan

In 1973 they returned to Glengarry and immediately became involved with the musical community. They were instrumental in the formation of the Glengarry Old Time Fiddlers Association and have spent countless hours organizing and performing with the group. Rene has served as President and Sherrill is invaluable as the Musical Director and the current President of the group. The Trottiers and the Old Time Fiddlers are almost synonymous.

They continue to perform with the group and with their own family and to promote the traditions of Glengarry. They encouraged their family in the same musical tradition and all their daughters are involved to some degree in teaching and performing. Kelli, one of their daughters has been inducted into the Hall of Fame as well, and their grandchildren are now also into the music.

Inducted in 2004