The Ranger Family

2017, Inductee

Omer and Angelina Ranger started their life together in Vaudreuil, Quebec, but moved to Glengarry County in 1911. They purchased land here and built their home. During their years in the brick home, they parented 12 living children. The house was filled with music and parties.

Irene played the violin, Lucien, the fiddle and saxophone, Ubald (Bob) was well known in the Ottawa Valley for his fiddle as he accompanied the step dancers; Laurette played the violin and the mandolin, Rita sang, Paul had an orchestra, played the guitar and called square dances. Jeannette and Harvey both played the piano. They never played together as a family outside the home, but did play at Quigley’s Hall, house parties and receptions. Irene, Laurette, Lucien and Ubald played the fiddles while Jeannette played the piano.

Paul had his own orchestra, Ranger and his Corn Huskers, and they played modern and square dance music throughout Glengarry. Lucien had a small band which played for weddings, square dances and farewell parties for boys in the service. In the 40s, he joined other fiddlers playing for various concerts throughout the countryside. In the 50s, he joined the newly formed, Glengarry Old Time Fiddlers and in 1977 joined the Glengarry Strathspey & Reel Society.

Laurette played the violin accompanied by John Paul Vachon and his sister, Alice. They entertained at house parties and dances in the area. Bob played his fiddle and was well know for bringing his music and talent to the Pembroke area. He played for many years for the step dancing competitions and was known as the “House Fiddler” for the Trottier girls.

The Ranger Family contributed greatly and happily to the Celtic and Old Time music of Glengarry county for close to 50 years. They shared their talents and enjoyed playing at the various events.

Ranger Family portrait

Inducted in 2017

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