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Sid and his Western Pals

Sid Plamondon

2008 Jun

Sidney Plamondon (Plamador) was born in St. Regis, Huntingdon, Quebec, on October 26, 1910. When he was four years old, his mother bought him a violin for Christmas. Sid would play his violin every chance he got. When his mother was tired of hearing him, he would go and play his violin under his bed. […]

Sybil MacPhee

2008 Jun

Sybil MacPhee (nee MacDougall) was born at St. Elmo, the daughter of Ross & Melba MacDougall. Sybil MacPhee had a great love for Celtic music. Her passion in the early days of the Glengarry Pipe Band sparked an interest in the inception of a school of piping and drumming. Sybil attended the early meetings and […]

Robert MacCrimmon

2008 Jun

Some say that the finest pipers in Scotland were MacCrimmons. In keeping with the ancient tradition, one of Glengarry’s finest pipers is a MacCrimmon from McCrimmon’s Corners- Bob, the son of Stanford and Bertie (MacKinnon) MacCrimmon. A major influence on Bob’s desire to play the bagpipes began at an early age when he heard pipers […]

The Glengarry Strathspey and Reel Society

Glengarry Strathspey and Reel Society

2008 Jun

The original Scottish settlers in Glengarry had long relied on the violin or fiddle to provide their music for ceilidhs, concerts, weddings and any other Celtic events. Many brought their fiddles and music with them, but over time Scottish violin music showed signs of disappearing from Glengarry County. On November 13, 1977, Allan MacPhail invited […]

Norman, Duncan & Donald Angus

The Fletcher Family

2008 Jun

The Fletchers are recorded as living in Glengarry as early as 1822. They were associated with the performance and promotion of Celtic Music and its tradition in Glengarry from this time to well into the sixties when the last of the family members, Norman, left the family farm in Dunvegan. Beyond that, the descendants have […]