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Hughie McDonell

2017 Jun

Hughie’s family roots in Glengarry go back to the late 1790s. He grew up with eight sisters and five brothers on the family farm near Martintown. His father, William, had a great influence on Hugh, teaching him to play the guitar at the age of six. His siblings recall that there was always music in the house and their mother, Margaret Kennedy, frequently would dance with the children in the kitchen.

Carol Kennedy Zadorozny

2014 Jul

Born in Maxville, in the heart of Glengarry, Carol has always been a proud and vocal supporter of the music and culture. When asked about her ability to play so many instruments, she replied, “Well, it’s no big deal; I come from Glengarry where most everyone does this.” With her mother, Hilda, a pianist, and […]

Anna Margaret McDonald

Anna Margaret MacDonald

2011 Jun

Anna Margaret MacDonald could be inducted into the Glengarry Celtic Music Hall of Fame in three categories: performer, composer and promoter. She was born in 1925 to Archibald and Catherine (Kate McCosham) McDonell. While growing up on the family farm near St. Telesphore, Quebec, she attended the local schools and is a graduate of Maryvale […]

Ken MacRae

2006 Jun

Ken’s interest in most things Celtic was a direct inheritance from his parents. His mother was a Carlyle, a Scots family much involved in literature and the arts including music. Consequently, she excelled as a pianist and some composition while the interests of his father, John D. MacRae, a member of Parliament, were genealogical and […]

Howard Morris

2005 Jun

From a very early age, Howie Morris was part of the Morris Quartet; along with his brother, John, and sisters, Grace and Ida, they entertained in Highland costume at the first “St. Andrew’s Concert” staged in the Alexander Hall by Father Ewan MacDonald where they thrilled the partisan audience with their renditions of ”Scots Wha […]