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Hughie McDonell

2017 Jun

Hughie’s family roots in Glengarry go back to the late 1790s. He grew up with eight sisters and five brothers on the family farm near Martintown. His father, William, had a great influence on Hugh, teaching him to play the guitar at the age of six. His siblings recall that there was always music in the house and their mother, Margaret Kennedy, frequently would dance with the children in the kitchen.

James Nixon

James Nixon

2011 Jun

James Stewart Nixon, born Oct. 19, 1931, is the son of Leslie and Margaret (Barton) Nixon. His musical ability stems from both sides of the family which includes playing the piano, organ, accordion, guitar and fiddle. His grandfather (also James Nixon) would lilt mouth music for dances, his mother played the piano, his uncle Tommy […]

Paddy Kelly

2007 Jun

Paddy Kelly is a man of many talents. Not only does he have a wonderful voice, but he plays a number of instruments. Paddy was born and raised in Ottawa and began playing traditional music at an early age. His father introduced Pat to traditional music and song. His father played with Jug O’ Punch […]